What NEW Owners Need to Know

Alpaca Registry, Inc. (ARI) is an organization that manages a database housing pedigree and parentage information for registered alpacas. ARI is the only organization of its kind in the United States, but also registers alpacas in Canada and other countries throughout the world. ARI is currently a closed registry which means that every alpaca that is registered must be DNA tested and qualified as an offspring of two other ARI registered parents. If this cannot be qualified, the alpaca will not be registered.

In addition to maintaining the growing database of alpacas and DNA records, ARI manages lists of animals owned or sold by owners. Certificates of Registration are printed and provided to owners, displaying up to five generations of ancestry. Online queries available to ARI members can provide recorded and qualified ancestry for any alpaca in the database regardless of the number of generations, as well as other information.

> How do I become a member of ARI?
> When I buy a registered alpaca, how do I get the registration put in my name?
> What is registration?
> How do I register a new cria?
> When should I register my new cria?
> I am a new owner/breeder, how do I get my username for the online system?